How often have you controlled your urge to binge while at a fine dining restaurant?

The reasons for the need to control is more than one however, most of the times it's the thought of wasting food and unnecessary spending that stops us from placing more orders.

But there is a way out. Haldi the signature Indian restaurant at Hyderabad Novotel Airport, Shamshabad has decided to urge the diner to try almost every dish on the menu with their unique concept called ‘make your own menu'. The idea is to allow food lovers to taste dishes from all over India at the restaurant.

So bigger the group, the food assortment gets better. The restaurant offers four choices depending on how much one wants to spend. Diners can choose from an array of beverages, soups, platter of different starters, selection of main course and desserts. The welcome drinks come in tiny shot glasses and has everything from badam drink to spicy nariyal pani. Try the Shimla Mirch Panna, a drink made by the slow-roasting of green pepper broth with Indian spices, the traditional Chaanch is made of ginger and cilantro flavoured butter milk, which comes in a choice of masala or plain. The winner however is the Haldi Thandai.

For veg starters, nothing can be better than the Tandoori Aloo Shakarkand, a dish made out of potatoes and sweet potatoes marinated with yoghurt and spices and cooked in the tandoor.

The other dish to be tried is the Achari Paneer Tikka. Non-vegetarians can choose from a wide range but nothing can be better than the haldi special murg, the dish is –– chicken drum sticks marinated with yoghurt and royal cumin , cooked in the tandoor.

The other starters to be tried are Mahi Sarson Tikkaor the Ajwaini Pomfret.

Finally there are the Chutneywale Jhinge which are prawns marinated with coriander, mint, green chillies and spices, cooked in the tandoor.

For the main course try the Murgh Chettinad. The other choices lie in selecting between Lamb Vepudu Raw Mango, Mutton Rogan Josh, Haldi Raan, Alleppey Fish Curry.

The vegetarians can choose between Bharwan Kashmiri Dumaloo, Aloo Potal, Dhania Mangodi. The best choices are however, Kai Korma, Haldi dal and Shikiri Dal Makhani.

A dish never to be missed at this restaurant is the vegetable biriyani. The restaurant follows a tradition while serving this dish. They let the guest take in the aroma of the biriyani before serving it.

The ‘make you own menu' at haldi starts from Rs. 800 onwards.

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