Ramu Butler, Corporate F&B Manager and Chef (Ramada Resort)

I am not much of an eater but I like to taste good food…the quantity I consume is very little no matter how tasty it is. I need a variety of dishes to fill my stomach. My every day food is chapatti with different preparation of non-vegetarian. I can’t be without non-veg. If I cook for my family it is different region Biryani and cheese cake as dessert, but I rarely cook at home. My wife makes the best dishes for me.

Place he likes eat at: Kochin Food Mall for tribal and naadan food, Eight Bastion for continental food, Gokul Oottupura for dosa and Tokyo Bay for Japanese food. I like to sample good naadan food.

Varghese Joy Thoppil, Executive Chef, (Dream)

Morning would be a light coffee with a cyclic breakfast had at home mainly dosa, idli and upma. Appam and stew is a must for breakfast on Sundays. Lunch is generally rice, meat and South Indian vegetarian dishes. On days I have a food tasting session I generally skip lunch. Dinner would be chapathi, subzi and a gravy. I should say the best eaten dish, is my grandma’s beef cutlet. If I cook at home it would be to show my mother the tricks of the trade and generally help her finish the dishes better. She loves it as she is a big food critic.

Places he likes to eat at: I do not eat out much. But when I do, with our team, we go out for tea, its coffee and milk shake kind of outing – Cocoa Tree is one such place. I like open air dining. Kebab Factory and Barbecue Nation in Chennnai are some places I like. We had an HOD’s (heads of department) meeting at Ramada Resort for which a special fusion buffet was specially done.

Jatinder Pal Singh, Executive Chef, Le Meridien

Everyday meals are a mix of basic Punjabi food like dal, kadi, rajma or pasta, risotto or oriental. Pad Thai is a family favourite which my wife, Sweena cooks (better than me!).

Place he likes to eat at: The buy and cook shacks in Fort Kochi, Dhe Puttu and with family we go to Mainland China. I like to try the local cuisine which is especially good in the interiors and in smaller eateries. Karimeen Pollichathu and deep fried shrimp are among my favourites.

Joji Joshua, Executive Chef, Holiday Inn

If it is at home I prefer the Karimeen (pearlspot), which my wife cooks so beautifully. If I have to cook then I prefer simple baked or pan-fried fish with lemon based sauces (what is available at home). I like rice with the Kerala style dishes. On my day off or special days I prefer something different - grilled or roast chicken, roast pork with fresh vegetables or pasta. As a chef I have no demands, eat any food which is tasty, and prepared fresh.

Places he likes to eat at: I like to go to smaller joints to check out the food. Mappillakada for delicious naadan style food, Dhe Puttu, Tokyo Bay for Japanese food, Lulu Mall for Arabic food like hummus. My job is such that I need to know what is happening food-wise around the city so I do check out places also to evaluate quality, rates etc.

Vinay Nigam, Executive Chef, Beaumonde The Fern

For breakfast it is egg white omelette and fresh juice. Dal-roti-rice combination with thoran sambar or any vegetarian dishes is lunch and dinner is again rotis and grilled fish with salad or fruits. If I cook for my family back home in Delhi it is usually paneer or seasonal vegetables because my family is vegetarian. My mother is a better cook than I, there is nothing like food cooked by my mother.

Place he likes to eat at: the food court at Lulu Mall – the Chinese, South Indian and North Indian counters. The Arabian food – khuboos, hummus and a variety of foods. I have been to ‘thattukada’ for some authentic street food. Mulla Panthal was another place I liked for its typical kerala food, especially the kada fry and seafood – kozhuva fry, calamari…excellent.

Jose Varkey P., Chief Mentor, CGH Earth Group of Resorts

A roti, lots of veggies and fish, 30 gm of fish - poached, steamed or baked. I believe in responsible cuisine which is a philosophy of the CGH Earth group, which is practised in our properties especially our resorts in remote locations. What goes into the food should be local, seasonal produce which is also beneficial to the local population. What I eat is a combination of these factors. Mathi (sardines), rich is Omega 3, and plenty of which is available today is the best to eat. I also have an anti-inflammatory soup which is made of turmeric, ginger, garlic, pepper and some vegetables, if it is drumstick it is all the better. No flour and just rock salt which is the healthier option.

Place he likes to eat at: I am not much of an eating-out kind of person, I eat simple and at home.

Eeshaan Kashyap, Executive Chef, Trident Cochin

Comfort food is simple fare like dal-rice or dal-roti. I like to keep food uncomplicated and simple - less is more. And no I don't cook at home.

Places he likes to eat out at: Butter roast dosa with coffee at BTH and the salt and pepper dosa at Pai Dosa on MG Road. Being a North Indian it is a different kind of experience for me. I also like the food available at toddy shops and like to eat at these places - it is a different experience.

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