Premier Inn makes you feel at home, whether it’s with home-like aloo gobi or a chilly garlic chowmein

With a rather staid exterior, the Premier Inn in Whitefield looks every bit the business hotel it claims to be. The interiors are done in purple and the seating area of the restaurant in the hotel is spacious, with an area allocated for buffet lunches. The general manager of the hotel says, “We mostly cater to IT professionals in the area, who come in for team lunches and meetings. We focus more on the food than the presentation. As long as the food is good, people will keep coming back. We have also used the same philosophy and made it a multi cuisine restaurant.”

We start the meal with portions of the threaded chicken, chicken fingers deep fried, served with tangy sauces and the malai chicken, chicken with a buttery twist, a rather popular dish in the north. Both the dishes taste great; the chicken is fresh and makes for a good start. We also sample a portion of the tom yum soup, which is served piping hot. The soup is very spicy. To offset the extra spice, you could dip the breads that are offered alongside the soup. It enhances the taste a great deal.

We also sample portions of the eternal English favourite of breaded fish served with fries. It is a little oily, but the soft fish and the crunchy breading more than makes up for it. At the risk of raising the heckles of khap leaders, we also attacked the chilly garlic chowmein with gusto. It was excellent, full of nicely cut vegetable and chicken pieces and a hint of vinegar. Soya sauce, an eternal favourite of our “Indian Chinese” was conspicuous by its absence.

The Allepey fish curry, garnished in coconut milk and served with white rice is also a must try and so is the aloo gobi, that tastes very similar to what is made at home. As the general manager says, “People love food that tastes home made. It is especially true as most of our patrons are almost on the road throughout the year and yearn for homemade food.”

We finish the rather extensive meal with portions of the fried ice cream, with sweet breaded-and-fried fruit pieces wrapped on vanilla ice cream. It is hot and cold at the same time and transports you to gastronomic heaven. Premier Inn is located at 3-A, Whitefield Road, Hudi.

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