Branching out in Chennai, Kailash Parbat is undoubtedly one of the best places to savour north Indian cuisine, especially chaat.   

Kailash Parbat. Does it sound familiar? Indeed it is one of the famed Mumbai Chaat places that we have loved and longed for in Chennai. Nestled in a quiet corner of Harrington Road, Kailash Parbat boasts of a variety of authentic north Indian cuisines, and a one-stop shop for yummy chaats, baturas, paneer tikkas and ice-cream sodas.   


Their crisp and crunchy pani puris are one of the yummiest in town. Dahi Puri is just too good. The Chaat Platter lets you sample most of the variety of the baturas their menu card boasts of are mouthwatering.

Not many people were around when I went, it is so deliciously cosy that you can almost forgive their slow service. KP is not your average fast food joint; their menu is so big that you are left wondering what to order.

We started off with their authentic dahi puri and pani puri, slowly shifted gear to the veg-o-veg sizzler and the European sizzler – plump nibbles of corn sitting pretty on a sea of tomatoes and onions and a bed of French fries and noodles. Topped with cauliflower, spaghetti and broccoli, a squeeze of lime and multitudinous chutneys, it set the mood for things to come. 

Well presented

Next was the main course with the salt and pepper vegetable. A little later came in the baturas, one of the best I have ever had in Chennai. With creamy cheese that oozes out of a crisp golden batura, spicy and piquant channa, a pickled mirchi and some salted onions, could one genuinely want more? 

Finishing touch

We finished with a fresh juice (watermelon). The way the fresh juices or mocktails are presented is attractive.   Good management and respect to the customers without burning a hole in their wallets… of course! Think Chaat. Think Kailash Parbat!

  Praveen Iyer is a Final Year, Information Technology student of Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

Fact file

Where: Kailash Parbat, 9,First Floor, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031

Must Try:   Dahi Puri and Chaat Platter, Kesari Paneer Tikka, European and Chinese Sizzlers, Salt and Pepper Vegetable, Channa Batura and Kulfi Falooda

 Time:  11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Price: Rs. 500 per head

Offers:   Monday – Friday Buffet of Rs. 279 includes starters, Chaats, North-Indian dishes, Sindhi dishes, continental and desserts to choose from.

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