Just one medium-sized baked sweet potato contains a generous dose of vitamins A, C and D

Sweet potato is at the top of nearly everyone’s health list. Just one baked, medium-sized sweet potato contains 438 per cent of your daily intake of vitamin A (a white potato contains only 1 per cent), 37 per cent of your vitamin C, and some calcium, potassium, and iron too. All this at just 105 calories! It also has 4 grams of dietary fibre — 16 per cent of the daily intake — and no fat.

It is a good source of vitamin B6, which helps reduce the chemical homocysteine in our bodies. Homocysteine has been linked with degenerative diseases, including heart attack.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin C which plays an important role in bone and tooth formation, digestion, and blood cell formation. It helps accelerate wound healing, and produces collagen which helps maintain the skin’s youthful elasticity.

Sweet potatoes contain vitamin D which plays an important role in strengthening the bones, heart, nerves, skin and teeth, and supports the thyroid gland.

They contain iron which helps with red and white blood cell production, proper immune functioning, and metabolising of protein.

The tuber is a good source of magnesium, a relaxation and anti-stress mineral. Magnesium is necessary for healthy arteries, bone, heart, muscle, and nerve function.

Now, for a recipe.

Orange-glazed sweet potato


Sweet potato: 500 gm

Orange juice: 50 ml

Butter, unsalted: 6 tbsp

Brown sugar: quarter cup

Honey: half a cup

Ground cinnamon: half tbsp

Nutmeg: half tbsp


In a large saucepan, on medium heat, cook the sweet potatoes in boiling water until tender. Arrange in a buttered baking dish so that the slices overlap slightly. In a saucepan, combine juice, butter, sugar, honey, cinnamon; bring to a boil on maximum heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to medium; cook until it thickens for approximately 5 minutes. Drizzle on the potatoes. Bake uncovered at 300 degree Celsius for 30 minutes.

Sous Chef, Taj Club House