TenHill, the latest fine dining eatery offering exclusively Hyderabadi cuisine, is a pleasant surprise

Step into TenHill and you will be struck by the black and white mural of various Hyderabadi landmarks. But it is their al fresco dining area that is bound to be a winner. The newest fine dining eatery in town TenHill promises to treat your taste buds to some authentic Hyderabadi fare. Run by the same management as Vacs bakery, the eatery is housed in a remodelled bungalow in Jubilee Hills and makes use of much of the natural rockscape in its backyard for its al fresco dining section. The restaurant also has an indoor dining area and a terrace garden to choose from.

Launched two weeks back TenHill has a menu that is limited to Hyderabadi cuisine alone. The reason says Amar Chowdhary, the proprietor of the restaurant, “Is that we wanted to focus exclusively on serving Hyderabadi food.” True to his word, he devised a menu that has nothing but Hyderabadi dishes, opening with the famous dum biryani section.

The restaurant offers some pretty good Hyderabadi dishes ranging from shorbas, kebabs, rotis and biryanis. You could start your meal with a flavourful Paya ka Shorba accompanied with a piece of sheermal, the famous Hyderabadi bread, while the vegetarians can choose a tangy Tamatar Dhania Shorba with tie biscuit. Served piping hot, the shorbas go very well with the sheermal and tie biscuits.

A true meat lovers’ delight, this eatery offers a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes for both starters and main course. For instance, their Boti Kebab is well tempered and grilled to perfection. The Murgh Lukhmi is stuffed with well flavoured minced chicken; however the stuffing could have been a bit more generous and the pastry crispier. The eternal Hyderabadi favourite Pathar ka Gosht is a delight at TenHill. Well flavoured, the meat almost melts on your tongue and is served with a mild mint and yoghurt chutney. For the vegetarians there is the Lukhmi Tarkari with mildly spiced mixed vegetables and also the melt-in-your-mouth Nizami Paneer Kebab.

For the main course one can choose from the Hyderabadi Zafraani Kofta, Baghara Baingan or Kaddu ka Dalcha apart from the regular Methi Malai Paneer etc. For the non-vegetarians there is the Bhuna hua Murgh, which is a spicy chicken dish flavoured with curry leaves.

A must-try is the Lagan ka Murg, with slow cooked chicken in a thick cashew paste flavoured with some mild spices. This goes especially well with some steamed rice. For the red meat lovers there is Gosht Kalimirch, Bhatti Gosht Masala and Kheema Masala among others. The Kheema Masala which pairs well with rotis, can however be a little bland with the onion gravy clouding the flavour of the minced meat.

What is a Hyderabadi meal without a generous helping of Biryani? The TenHill Tarkari Biryani is the vegetarian version of the popular meat variety and it doesn’t disappoint. With a generous helping of vegetables, the biryani is a must try for vegetarians.

For the non-vegetarians the Murgh Dum Biryani and the Gosht Dum Biryani are must tries. The mutton biryani is very well done with the meat almost falling off the bone and the rice well spiced and flavoured with saffron and local spices. Round off your meal with a Qubani ka Meetha or Shahi Tukda. If you are not in the mood for a heavy dessert you can try their Fruit Custard, which is light on the palate and has a generous dose of cut seasonal fruits.

The staff is courteous and very attentive, while the food is well flavoured. The spice levels of the dishes can be adjusted as per your specifications and despite being a fine dining place the dishes are averagely priced.


Where: Plot 115, Road No. 10, Jubilee Hills, Behind Vacs

When: 12p.m. to 11p.m.

Contact: 8790556677

Meal for two: Rs. 1,000 plus taxes