Head to Church Street Social for some quirky eats, drinks and cutlery and conversations

The world seems to be there on Saturday afternoon. As we duck in from the oppressive heat we are hit by a wall of conversation and music at Church Street Social on yes you got it, Church Street. The industrial look seems a tad affected but it is the end of a particularly stressful workweek and so we are not going to nit-pick as we sink into great big leather sofas.

Church Street Social functions as an offline hangout and during weekdays can be used for meetings and such like—not in the weekend, we could barely hear ourselves think! Apart from providing a cool work place, Church Street Social has a wide and varied drinks menu including the longest Long Island ice tea which at one litre gives a whole new interpretation to the term liquid lunch. Drinks are served in stuff that seems to have dashed out of chemistry lab—there are pipettes and beakers and what nots.

The food is fun too and served in all sorts of weird and wonderful plates including the white enamel ones or gramophone records and glass jars.

We start with poutine—house fries which are all crisp and golden topped, bottomed and sideways with melted cheese—straight nirvana. Feeling guilty about junk food? Do try the feta watermelon salad. It assuages all guilt pangs and is tasty as tasty can be with balsamic reduction and arugula leaves. Next on the cards is vada pao baos which is fancy vada pao with chutney, mayo and pickle—mind-blowing. My companion has Goan prawn curry and rice while I try Bombay bachelor which is that classic sandwich with chutney, veggies sev and masala aloo aka ultimate comfort food.

Just when you thought there was no space for dessert comes the layer cake, which is actually layers of heaven going by the name of chocolate cake, mousse, caramel mousse and many other layers of extraordinariness topped with the thickest sinfullest hot chocolate ganache. After polishing the plate clear we staggered out into the bright sunshine making secret promises to return for more food in jars and drinks in beakers.