Kamat Nandanvan seems like a regular darshini, until they lead you to their charming garden area

The early onset of summer this year has most of us preferring air-conditioned settings rather than braving the heat, especially when you want to grab a quick bite for lunch.

Kamat Nandanvan at Jalahalli village, at first, seems like a regular darshini, until they lead you to their bright and sunny garden area, which contrasts their cosy and dimly lit indoor seating arrangement. The emphasis at Kamat Nandanvan is on simple food that comes sans any frills.

Favourite haunt

Surrounded by lush greenery, this over 16-year-old restaurant is popular not just for its affordable food but also for the ambience.

Charming little huts serve as private dining spaces, and a park adjoining the restaurant has become a favourite haunt for children.

We found a table without much difficulty — the huts, unfortunately, were occupied — opposite the lavish fountain near the entrance of the restaurant.

Zeroing in on their famed north Indian menu for appetizers, we ordered the mushroom pepper dry which was served up within minutes.


Their masala kulcha would probably be one of the best choices for the main course. The kulcha is surprisingly soft and stuffed with abundant masala.

The curry was interestingly called vegetable dilruba.

An assortment of three different varieties of curries put together — a spinach curry, malai mutter and mixed vegetable — the combination aggravated our already ravenous appetites.

Generously garnished

Surrounded by the chatter of children and shady trees, the ambience only added to the satisfying meal. Just as refreshing was the silver queen cherry that we tried for dessert, which had a scoop of ice cream dipped in chilled badam milk and was garnished generously with raisins and cashews.

Kamat Nandanvan is the place to head to if you fancy a leisurely, affordable outdoor picnic-like eat out this summer, which is not too far from the city, and yet, away from the clutter of everyday traffic.

The restaurant is located at HMT CSB Building, opposite the police station, Jalahalli.

Contact: 9945243543.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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