Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you into desserts big time? The writer says 2014 is a radical year for desserts

With January gone by, there are a good number of flinchers and backsliders, at least where weight loss and diet resolutions are concerned. And with patisseries and bakeries burgeoning across the city, we’re thoroughly spoilt for choice. If you’re thinking black forest, tiramisu or even cupcakes, it is all passé as those in the know say 2014 is quite the radical year for desserts.

Owner and chef of The Winking Macaron in Fraser Town, Tanmoy Savardekar, says: “With so many pastry/dessert cafes mushrooming in the city offering similar products over the counter, the cupcake mania is waning a bit, not totally though. Customised fondant cakes are a big hit. The macaroon is still in the market and will stay longer if there are changes in trends, flavours and ideas offered.”

He adds: “Innovation is always welcome, be it through technology or even in food. Molecular gastronomy in food and desserts was welcome with open arms in the city. Using exotic and unheard of ingredients in desserts would up the scenario a lot. I hear the ice-cream sandwich is making its way here. There’s going to be an influx of Korean bakeries and desserts in the market.”

Chef Yuvna Damani, proprietor of Spoonful of Sugar in Indiranagar, says: “Cupcakes are still the order of the day in India, especially in Bangalore and Mumbai. Red Velvet has just about reached a plateau, but does not show any sign of a fall. French pastries such as Tarte au Fraises, Opera, Mille-Feuille, etc. seem to be trending at the moment. So are desserts with mascarpone cheese. Raspberry and Passion Fruit are two fruit flavours that seem to be becoming more popular in India now. Salted caramel is going to be the next big thing in India.”

According to Tanisha Ravindra, Pastry Chef at The Oberoi, Bangalore, “Smoked desserts like smoked chocolate and walnut brownies and smoked maple cheesecake will be seen a lot. Veggies in desserts will be another common sight. Chefs are sneaking in vegetables in desserts like carrot cake, beet and chocolate, goat cheese and olive macaroon, sweet potato cakes, and the like. Flavoured popcorn, bright coloured desserts, use of edible flowers, simple and minimalistic dessert plating and diet specific desserts are also trending.”

“Savoury desserts are among the latest to top the dessert charts. The éclair, the macaroon and the cupcake will still be in the scene this year. Celebrity chefs like Heston Blumenthal have inspired other bakers to give a shot at basic molecular gastronomy,” informs Vinesh Johny, proprietor and chef at Lavonne.

Cheesecake lovers also have some good news. Move over mango and blueberry, you can now order yourself a key lime cheesecake or perhaps one that contains gooey peanut butter! Sugar free dessert consumption is expected to increase this year and the bite size dessert trend is here to stay.

We’re quite sure this article has already whetted your appetite and has got you salivating so while the craving lasts, go on and indulge. After all, it isn’t nice to ruin a sublime dessert experience by feeling guilty!