Kathreena offers ethnic microwaveable food

When my cousins abroad talk of how cooking is just a 10-minute affair for them (thanks to microwaveable meals), I have often felt envious. Now for the first time in the city, Kathreena, an outlet opposite Raj Bhavan, offers ready-to-cook meals.

Opened by enterprising couple Cyril and Molly, Kathreena is an after shoot of their successful catering business – Cyrils.

“The food is cooked and immediately cooled. It is then packed in microwavable packets and stored at a temperature below 18 degrees Celsius,” explains Cyril. This food, he says, retains its quality and taste over months.

Just heat it up

All that a buyer has to do is microwave the packets and in case of non-availability of a microwave, put the packet in boiling water for 10 minutes. Your food is ready to be served.

Kathreena is a non-vegetarian's paradise with a choice of ethnic Indian eats to choose from. Molly's favourite is Fish Curry Kottayam Style. The frozen version of Fish Pollichathu has fish expertly packed in a plantain leaf. Once it's heated up, the aroma conjures up memories of Kuttanad and its flavours. According to Cyril, there are customers who place bulk orders for relatives who live abroad.

Mutton roast (Rs. 110), Prawns ulathu (Rs. 220), Pork vindalo (Rs. 90), Beef curry (Rs. 80) and Chicken Roast (Rs. 100) are some of the popular items on the menu. There are also yummy ready-to-fry dishes such as chicken lollypop, meat samosas and meat cutlets.

For vegetarians, Kathreena has microwaveable butter paneer (Rs. 70) and paneer masala (Rs. 60).

The couple plans to offer frozen desserts such as trifle pudding, caramel custard, pineapple pudding and other such homemade treats shortly.

On the cards are also homemade fish, meat and prawns pickles.

The shop is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. To host unexpected guests one doesn't have to wait till a take away counter or a restaurant gets your food ready, your freezer compartment is your mini-restaurant.

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