Time to taste some yummy Japanese delights

Japanese cuisine is increasingly finding patrons in urban Indian diners. Keeping this trend in mind, the stand-alone restaurant Yum Yum Tree in New Friends Colony, New Delhi, has recently woven into its menu card some Japanese dishes. Below are some easy to prepare delicious dishes from its menu prepared by Executive Sous Chef Lok Prasad Subba.

Prawn tempura


5 pc (100 grams) prawn

100 grams tempura batter

40 grams wheat flour

1gram Matcha tea powder

30 grams refined oil


Take the prawn and clean it properly. Give it a small cut from the leg side to make it strait. From the back side (opposite of the cut side), press by hand and make it strait but do not break. Squeeze the prawns in a kitchen towel to remove excess water.

Pour the oil on to a deep pan and heat it to around 170-180 degree Celsius. Rub the prawns in the wheat flour, dust off the extra flour from the prawns, deep fry in the tempura batter and fry in hot oil. Fry it till it becomes light brown and crispy.

Take them out of oil, put them in a kitchen bowl to remove the excess oil. Sprinkle Matcha tea powder over the tempura and arrange the prawns in a plate

Serve hot with tempura sauce.

Miso vegetables skewers


15 grams baby corn

25 grams button mushroom

30 grams green bell pepper

10 grams okra

40 grams spicy Miso sauce

8 satay sticks


Take all the vegetables and wash them properly. Cut the okra and baby corn in long finger size (2 inch). Dice the mushroom and bell pepper.

Take a pan, fill half of it with water and boil it. But in it the mushroom and baby corn for a few minute to cook. Take them out, run them through iced water to keep their crispiness.

Take two satay sticks and put four pieces of mushroom in each. Take some more satay sticks and put two pieces of every other vegetables (okra, bell pepper and baby corn) in separate skewers. Make two skewers of each vegetable.

Heat the tepan yaki around 160-170 degree Celsius. Place all the skewers on the hot teppan yaki, leave it for few minutes. After a few minutes, turn them around and grill them again. When the colour becomes brown, put the Miso sauce on top.

Take out the skewers from the grill, arrange them on a plate and serve hot.

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