Angeethi at Asiad Village has some piping hot desi dishes for a cold Delhi

As it’s only a handful of days left to welcome the New Year, I decide to say goodbye to year 2012 by having a true blue desi meal. I try my hand at the new festive menu of the Indian restaurant Angeethi at Asiad Village restaurant complex. The dipping temperature of Delhi makes the experience ideal as the food at the restaurant, owned by the Kwality group, is served straight off the fire. Puppets hanging from the walls, jars with pickles and copper vessels placed in showcases add to the desi feeling.

As the flavourful aroma from the live tandoor is in the air, I am tempted to taste the dishes coming out of it. Normally, when I eat out, I start with a soup but at Angeethi, I straightaway opt for bhatti ki raunaq, a non-vegetarian platter. The North West Frontier Province inspired menu has some amazing master dishes. Bharwa tangri kabab is the first one among them to satisfy my cravings. Nice paneer and spinach stuffed chicken drumsticks. Juicy and tender to its core. Tandoori jhinga is next on my table. It is full of surprises too. Char-grilled to perfection, nicely blending two very dominant flavours, first, of the natural seafood aroma, and second, of the earthen char-grilled fragrance.

Mutton Seekh at Angeethi is made with well-seasoned minced meat, the result is full of succulence. Vegetarian aloo Sialkoti stuffed with cheese and veggies is tasty too.

But at Angeethi, it is the main course which is its USP. Keema kaleji, magaz and chicken changezi are worth a try. I first taste keema kaleji with garlic naan. The best part is the keema is not machine minced but hand crushed which gives it a nice texture. Magaz is less spiced, good to look at, has a nice light yellowish colour. I try out its biryani too. After a long time I taste a good spicy masala biryani made in Hyderabadi style. Served in a clay pot, it comes piping hot to the table. I end my flavourful gastronomic journey on a sweeter note and taste a slice of hot malpua with rabri on top.

Meal for two


(The festival at Angeethi is on till January 1, 2013)


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