Luxury chocolates and nuts under the Bruijn brand are now available in Delhi

Chocolates are something just about everybody would admit to having a craving for. I have yet to come across a person who hates chocolate. Even today chocolate has the charisma to bring the smile back to the face of a crying baby, an angry wife or a sad friend. But when it comes to luxury chocolates, there have not been many players in the country. Now Delhiites have the chance to savour Bruijn, the brand name for the chocolates and nuts launched by Nutty Nuts Private Limited — a sister company of Al Fustaq Foodstuff of Dubai, which is a major supplier of nuts to the duty-free outlets in the Gulf region. A store has come up in New Delhi’s Greater Kailash-I.

The store is nicely done up with a crystal clear counter displaying the beautifully wrapped dates and chocolates. But just dates and nuts wouldn’t make a lifestyle statement. I counted 15 variants of date delicacies. The dates used are Sagai, among the finest found in the West Asia region. The Caramelized Coffee Bean date was a burst of flavours with a great aftertaste. The white chocolate-coated date with rose petals was nice too, but, as can be expected with white chocolate, a bit cloyingly sweet.

The eighteen chocolate options were a delight. The Burnt Caramel and Florentine with Cranberry needs a special mention.

Those interested in Lebanese and Turkish sweets should opt for the baklava, marzipan and dragées. The Roseball Marzipan is a small ball which once put in the mouth brings freshness and subtle flavours of almond and sugar. This is one of the signature treats and worth a try.

Speaking at the launch, Mandavi Kanchan, Managing Director, said “Bruijn derives its name from the pioneer Dutch traveller and artist Cornelius de Bruijn who travelled the world to bring back foreign treasures to Europe. Following his footsteps, Bruijn (pronounced as Bru-in) as a brand seeks to present world delicacies to the Indian market under a single roof. Essentially, Bruijn is from Dubai and retails handmade pure cocoa Belgian chocolates, Saudi dates, Turkish dragées (coated almonds), Lebanese baklava, natural nut bars, and decorative marzipan.”

Well, quality comes with a price tag. Every item is sold by weight and ranges from Rs.3500 to 7500 per kilogramme.

Venue - C-6, GK-1 Main Road

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