Shanghai Club at WelcomHotel, Dwarka provides an array of options from the Orient

Though WelcomHotel, Dwarka is far from central or South Delhi, it is still worth a visit. After my delicious encounter at its Indian restaurant K & K a few months ago I went with high expectations to Shanghai Club. Located on level 2, décor and ambience was very simple and lacked that Oriental feel. The live sushi counter was impressive. Noticing my attraction towards sushi, Sanjay Sharma, General Manager of the hotel, suggested some variants.

Within five minutes a beautiful looking platter of assorted sushis was placed at the centre of my table. It was so delightful to look at that eating a sushi from the platter seemed like disturbing the piece of art. Sushis were fresh and nicely-textured.

A bit uncomfortable sitting on hard chairs I moved to the sofas placed next to the engraved texture mural of a cherry blossom tree next to the wall.

Menu was extensive and had sections offering delicacies from most provinces of China. Chinese Master Chef Liu Wen created a menu comprising his signature dishes which made my job easy. Starting with a couple of prawn variants was delightful. Chicken shui jio with spicy soy vinegar was tasty and a bit sharp. On the other hand homemade spinach tofu was light and fluffy.

Being batter fried they had a nice crunch as well. Stir-fried chicken with Sichuan pepper and dry chili had nice tender chunks of chicken. Following the starters with a soup was a nice idea.

I had seafood egg drop soup having fish, prawns and scallops. Soup needed a bit of seasoning but the aroma of seafood in it made me finish the bowl in one go.

For main course gung bao chicken with cashew went well with boiled noodles with chilli bean chicken. Chinese version of lamb chops with chinkiang vinegar were delicious .

Sizzling rice with sweet and sour sauce was nice and would go well with the Indian palate. Steamed coconut parcel and warm date pudding as desserts were average and needed improvement.

Meal for two:


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