Tuck into Villa Maya’s elaborate Sunday breakfast buffet that offers choice dishes from Kerala and continental cuisines

‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ wishes came in from many as I walk in to Villa Maya on May 12. The mood is upbeat, with staff members setting up a special counter for the day – the Sunday breakfast counter. “We thought it the perfect day to kick off our breakfast spread,” says Sashi Jacob, general manager and corporate chef, as I choose a table in the small courtyard. He adds: “Breakfast is a big affair for all of us. This breakfast spread is meant for all those people who want to relax on a Sunday. Also, we have a large number of church-goers who find it difficult to make breakfast at home on Sundays. This is a homely affair, as the customers can suggest what/how to cook and can even demonstrate the same.”

He is soon joined by Shine Srevisakhan, the new executive chef of the boutique restaurant near Eenchakkal Junction. “It is a continental buffet spread. You can go for regular appam – stew (vegetarian/non-vegetarian), breads, waffles or omelettes. Or, choose from diet food. We’ve a health counter, where we have different vegetable juices (bitter gourd, gooseberry, guava, papaya, carrot, cucumber…), breads (white, wheat or multigrain), seasonal fruits, soya milk, vegetables, sugar-free stuff, cereals, oatmeal…,” explains the chef.

I begin with soothing green tea as I’ve turned down ice tea, the welcome drink, thanks to a bad throat. Being a veggie, I give the non-vegetarian section a wide berth. Just in case you want to know what all I missed out on, here’s the list – omelettes (broiler/country chicken and duck) that come with chicken sausages and bacon and chicken and mutton/lamb stew that go with the appam… Instead, I’m served a sampler plate with all the vegetarian stuff on the menu, which itself turns out to be quite an elaborate affair.

Guava juice arrives first. Perfect! The appams and vegetarian stew doesn’t disappoint. Hash brown potato is crisp and tastes yummy with the tomato ketchup. The bread pakoda is spicy enough. Although the waffle that comes topped with fresh whipped cream (you can ask for blueberry topping, vanilla ice cream or chocolate syrup, among others) doesn’t impress much, the sweet and crunchy apple pie more than made up for it.

From the bread basket comes raisin and cinnamon bun and cinnamon rolls. In the latter, the flavour of the cinnamon doesn’t come through at all. Chef Shine also notes it and adds: “We will improve on it.”

Finishing up, it is not easy to resist the yogurts, both plain and flavoured (mango, custard apple and blueberry).

Chef Shine also tempts me with the American cupcake, saying “agreed it’s very rich, but it’s incredibly tasty.” I, however, settle for the most delectable item on the plate – the soft and delicious sunrise muffin, one of the chef’s specialities. “The carrot is sautéed and is cooked in butter,” he explains.

The Sunday breakfast is from 7.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and costs Rs. 750 (Rs. 450 for kids). Contact: 2578901.


Eat StreetOctober 9, 2013