Like vegetables? Like chicken? Like spicy food? Here are two Thai dishes that suit all these needs

Thai food is no novelty in India anymore. Unlike Chinese food, which had to be Indianised to suit our palette, Thai food interestingly has been accepted here in its authentic version. Here are two easy-to-prepare, tasty and authentic Thai dishes sent to us by Rungtiwa Sorlae, Thai Chef at JW Marriott Chandigarh.

Thai style stir-fried fried vegetables


10 gm carrot

10 gm broccoli

10 gm baby corn

10 gm mushroom (shitake)

5 gm garlic

2 gm light soya sauce

2 gm Maggi sauce seasoning

2 gm oyster sauce

2 gm breakfast sugar

2 gm black pepper powder

3 gm salt

10 gm Sunflower oil

5 gm red chilli (Bird Eye)

2 gm Thai veg kalian

2.5 gm Thai veg karchay

10 gm snow peas


Heat oil, add garlic, the Bird Eye red chilli and saute well. Add the vegetables followed by light soya sauce, Maggi seasoning, oyster sauce, breakfast sugar, salt, black pepper powder, Thai veg kailan and toss it over high heat. Add bit of water and mix well. Check for seasoning and serve hot.

Thai style chicken in dry chilli sauce


60 gm chicken diced with bone

10 gm onion, sliced

1 gm light soya sauce

2 gm seasoning sauce

2 gm sugar

2 gm herb basil

10 gm cashew nut

For dry chilli sauce

10 gm galangal, chopped

5 gm garlic, chopped

15 gm onion, chopped

1 gm salt

8 gm cooking oil

5 gm jaggery


(for the dry chilli sauce )

Heat the wok, add garlic, onion, galangal and the seasoning followed by jaggery. Cook it well and keep it aside. Heat the pan, add the sliced onion, the garlic and saute well. Add the sauce followed by chicken and the remaining item. Stir it well. Check for seasoning and serve hot.

About the chef

Rungtiwa Sorlae is the Thai Chef at JW Marriott Chandigarh. She brings with her the authenticity of the Thai cuisine and 10 years of experience. Rungtiwa was trained as a chef at the Bangkok College of Business Administration and Tourism and started her career at Novotel Lotus in Bangkok. She has been conferred various awards such as the Thailand Thai Food Bronze Awards for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009) and Thailand Modern Food Award in 2007.

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