Park Hyatt has some yummy options lined up for food and drinks lovers

Park Hyatt is buzzing with activities with masters of food and wine. If there is wine and cheese paring in a corner, the other corner will teach you how to set a tapas, toss some Spanish magic and even rustle up some mind-blowing spicy Thai dishes. The series of sophisticated culinary and beverage experiences which is on at Park Hyatt is hosted at all Park Hyatt hotels worldwide. And through this engaging and interactive events, the hotel is featuring culinary skills from French cheese sampling to Spanish and Thai dinners and cooking classes.

With over 20 exotic cheese varieties being flown in from France, chef Jean Christophe Fieschi is very excited. He is of the opinion that the cheese tasting session will be a good one to open the minds of the people to try other cheese than the regular hard cheese, which is mostly available.

“Not too long ago, goat cheese wasn’t a regular feature on buffet spreads at hotels but now it is. This cheese tasting session will show diners a variety of over 20 soft cheese,” he says.

As an example he talks about the Fromage Du Maquis which is a very recent addition to the world of cheese. This combination of local herbs covering the young sheep’s milk cheese has had great success. He also talks very fondly about the blue cheese and says, certain cheese can be best enjoyed over a period. He also points out how cheese is eaten by itself in France and not necessary that the French only cook after loading their dishes with cheese. But everything with cheese might not be too good, when asked what was the most absurd thing which he has done as a chef with cheese, Jean says, “I made cheese sushi and found very less takers,” he laughs.

But what if someone is not looking for cheesy notes, “Spanish food is all about meat, potatoes, mild spices, lots of lemon and oranges, says Chef Koldo Royo, 2 Star Michelin Chef. Helped by his friend and fan Sebastian to communicate in English Koldo says he is very excited about coming to India. Of the similarity in cooking and ingredient Koldo prompts Sebastian to say, that Indians use a lot of spice unlike Spanish cooking and the manner in which Indian cooking is similar to theirs is in the use of garlic and cardamom, other whole spices and saffron.

“We use cardamom in our desserts whereas in India it is used in the main course as well,” Sebastian delivers Koldo’s message. Koldo says he would love to show the many ways in which they make use of potato in their dishes. As part of the Spanish cooking session Koldo will show the setting up of the Tapas menu as well. And in the main course the dishes to look forward to will include Carillera De Ternera Braseada (braised beef cheecks), tortilla Espanola (Spanish potato omelet) and lots more.

Koldo would also recommend Ajoblanco which is an almond and garlic soup and the desserts which he promises to be very different.

But if your are feeling Oriental, head to Taste of Thailand where Chef Maitree is ready with his wok and tongs and will ensure that the guests will experience the unique balance of hot, sweet, salt and sour flavours of Thai cuisine.

Besides he is also promising more than the red, yellow and green curry.