Have your fish or chicken off the grill and enjoy the dinner at Garam

‘Garam-Just Grilled’ wakes up at night. Kadavu Resort’s virtue is its ambience and Garam, the new al fresco dining here, taps it to the fullest. It brings in all the trappings of a romantic dinner. There is quietude, there is the music of gurgling water and then there is a good gourmet experience under the star-lit sky. Garam is on the deck of a fish pond, a whiff away from the swimming pool. Within view is the live grill, its smouldering embers engaged in a quaint play against the brooding night sky.

Garam is live action. On display in a compact tray are fish, big and small. “Please mention that we have hammour, lobster and snapper,” I am gently told. Garam intends to be indulgent. So you can choose your fish, wish for your spice mix and have it grilled. “On weekends, instead of the tray we place a boat on the pond laden with fish,” informs another enthusiastic chef.

From the grill

Garam is all about grills. Chef Ajith and his team bring world cuisine to the skewer. So there are satays, shish taouks, steaks and fish pollichattu. To start off, the choice fell on cottage cheese and broccoli brochette, a not so popular pick in non-vegetarian country. But this one turns out to be pleasing. The platter, in itself, is a riot of colours. Broccoli and cottage cheese on the skewer come with fried potato noodles. Skewered just right, broccoli is all juice. It has just the hint of the grill and the spices in it — a whiff of garlic, pepper and chilly flakes, have learnt well the part of the supporting cast. The spices just about make their presence felt and broccoli doesn’t disappoint. The slabs of cottage cheese, though, haven’t soaked the marination well and turned out a tad flat. But made in–house it is nevertheless supple.

For the main course, the choice is the continental grilled king prawn. The prawns are served with steamed vegetables, potato roundels and lemon and barbecue sauce. The prawns are all balance. They are plump, fleshy and grilled right, so it is not stubborn on the fork. To break the monotony of flesh is just a hint of lime juice and the punch of garlic. The sauces play their part to spice up affairs though the potatoes could have done with a bit more fire. More Indian offers like karimeen pollichathu can be had with dal, rice or breads.

To round off, there is chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. The brownie is a delight, supple and sweet without being cloying. Together with ice cream, it whips up a fine tango.

Garam – Just Grilled

Kadavu Resort & Ayurveda Centre

Meal for two: Around Rs 1,000 plus taxes

Open only for dinner

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