If it's authentic Mexican that you want, then Texas Fiesta is the place to be

It seems like there is going to be a mini Paris in the vicinity, soon! Going by the style, number and taste, Chennai is proving to be a hospitable environment for various specialised cuisines. The Texas Fiesta, off Khader Nawaz Khan Road is another addition to the already growing exquisite platter. Young, just three months old, in its endeavour but definitely by no means any less competitive; it has its own USPs. By a purely personal judgement, I'd say there is no particular target group — it appeals to the young and the old alike. It does have a kid's special menu and exclusive treatment for them. Apart from that, a large screen TV airing soccer makes the ambience season-perfect!

Pick of the menu

The food is a Chickenatarian's delight. If you are a non-vegetarian and a lover of Mexican food, this is the place to be! For starters, the Chicken Wings (Sweet Garlic and Raging Buffalo) are your best bet. They are almost like appetisers! The main course has loads of options and very creative ones at that. The exclusive Cheesadillas (chicken, cheese, onion) are a great option and the next on the list would be the Burritos and Fajitas.

There are the standard sides — Potato Wedges, French Fries and Nachos with cheese. The wedges are heavenly and very well made, with a professional touch. The Tortizza is another creative addition; it's a combo of the tortilla and the pizza. This might not be as filling as the rest and is an ideal evening speciality. Here comes the incomparable dessert — Fruit Quesadilla! I am short of words to describe the fine ending to a great meal. You could probably try the other desserts later on but for a first timer, the Quesadilla is the way to go! In terms of comparative costs, the Texas Fiesta falls somewhere in between. An average meal for two would cost anywhere in between Rs. 600-700 depending on individual choices. But satisfaction is truly guaranteed. Placed at a central location and the prospect of football coming in, this might just turn out to be a rave among the young!

Niharika is a III Year B.A. Literature student at Stella Maris College.

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Sizzling hot from MexicoMay 9, 2010

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