As the mercury soars, the slurpy gola, thick lassi, tangy pudina paani and scrumptious falooda are back as refreshing coolers.


This popular version of the North Indian Jal Jeera is tangy and refreshing despite being slightly toned down in terms of spice levels. Said to have the goodness of ayurvedic herbs like mint leaves, lime and some digestive masalas, this drink is a great way to beat the summer heat. “It’s very refreshing and I have it every time I pass by a pudina paani vendor. There are a number of carts along the OU and Tarnaka roads that I like to get my glass of pudina paani from,” says Arun Kumar, a student. Right from carts along the OU road to the mini vans in the vicinity of KBR park this drink is quite popular with Hyderabadis.


This thick yogurt smoothie is an age-old favourite. Nothing beats the heat like a good glass of sweet lassi, especially if it’s the one with some rose syrup and a generous dose of malai on top. “Needs dhaba in Kundanbagh whips up some really good lassi. It’s one of our favourite places and after parathas we have at least two glasses of their delicious lassi,” says Harshvardhan Khemani, an entrepreneur. Some other popular places are Agrawala in Gulzar Houz and Punjab Sindh in Jubilee Hills.


This Indianised and creamier version of an ice cream has been a favourite with everyone regardless of whether they have a sweet tooth or not. “With flavours like kesar pista, mango, malai and strawberry from the friendly neighbourhood kulfi walla to the ones at star hotels, this ubiquitous Indian dessert more than makes up for every kind of summer sweet tooth craving,” says Shruti P., a commerce student, who loves the kulfi from “Delhi ki Mashoor Kulfi cart in Sindhi Colony.”


Popsicles are probably every child’s favourite. But when it comes to ice golas it’s hard to keep even the adults away. With interesting flavours like Kala Khatta, Khus, Rangeela and more these flavoured ice shavings are a huge hit every summer. Little wonder then that there has been a spurt in the number of places selling golas over the last few years. “Sri Raadhe at Abids has some very good ice gola and we love to go there for our share of it. They also have this interesting variant called Khova ice that is a must-try,” says Harshvardhan. Some other popular places include the Go Gola and Snow Gola counters across the city and Dimmy’s Pan store.


The presentation of this dessert probably has more to do with its popularity. With layers of sabja, flavoured syrups, kulfi and seviyan in a tall glass decked up with your favourite toppings and a glaze of your favourite flavoured syrup, it is hard to refuse a good falooda. According to Arun some of the best faloodas he has tried so far are at “Sheetal in Mallepalli and the kiosk outside Garden restaurant in Secunderabad.”

Also try

Nimbu soda: Available on carts across the city they are made sweet or savoury as per your specifications

Sliced watermelon: Nothing soothes parched throats better than a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day

Tender coconut: Drinking some naturally sweet tender coconut water beats aerated drinks any day

Palm fruit: Popularly known as munjal, these are great summer coolers. Pick the tender ones


Heat-buster, with a topping of ice-creamApril 12, 2014