‘Grills and Sizzlers’ begins today at Residency Towers

Crackling, hissing and spitting, surrounded by smoke and wrapped in a spicy fragrance, our order is served with a garnish of sound and light. Mediterranean Grilled Chicken is as delicious as it sounds and looks. Gourmets craving for some sizzle in their food should check out ‘Grills and Sizzlers’, a 10-day food festival on the rooftop restaurant of Residency Towers.

Promising to be a delectable treat for all foodies, the fete has a variety of dishes to tickle the taste buds. On the menu are Pacific Treasure, Lamb skewers with lemon and garlic, Pepper steak sizzler and so on. The waiters there assure us that each dish will be as tantalising and tasty as it sounds.

Vegetable Exotica and Grilled Vegetable Platter are some of the choices for vegetarians.

“There aren’t many good eat outs in the city for lovers of grills and sizzlers. Therefore, this would be the right place to indulge in these flavoursome dishes,” says Justin Raj, executive chef.

There is more to tantalise the customer’s palate. An array of mouth watering desserts has also been featured in the festival.

Rolade Fruit tower, Fruit Carolin and Chocolate Cheese paradise are some of the enticing items on the dessert menu that will wrap up the feast on a delicious note.

The festival, which begins today, is from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. It concludes on May 20.