Food Festival Experience the delights of ‘purani dilli ka khana’ in the city

When non-vegetarians are feeling blue and don’t know what to do, they order kebabs. All meat lovers will agree. So on an evening or an afternoon when your hunger pangs are troubling you, head to The Great Kebab Factory, where the focus is on the ‘Purani Dilli ka Khana’. The most influential cuisine in this region is of the Mughals, who brought their cooking methods to Delhi. So one finds in Delhi, a mixture of North Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi and street food. It is believed that a trip to Purani Dilli is incomplete without a visit to these culinary destinations. The menu at Kebab Factory comes with a choice of four vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs. Apart from the kebabs, the buffet comes with a choice of biryani, rotis and their signature dals.

To begin with, first comes the Galouti Gilawati kebab. As it is being served with the ulte tawe ki paratha, also comes a suggestion: “the kebab goes in the paratha, wrap with it a few slices of onion and a gentle squeeze of lemon.” Do as they suggest and it is heavenly. After this comes the Daryagbanj kebab and it is a meaty delight with chicken chunks with bones put in the tandoor until it cooked to give the perfect kadak taste without burning it; it is a delight. After this comes the shahi murg kebab, a boneless preparation. There is the babri seekh as well which is a chicken seekh kebab and is indeed an interesting bite. The best thing about the kebabs is that none of it comes with any food colour.

If youstill have an appetite once done with the kebabs, try the dal factory and the dal tadka with the roti or naan. The biryani is good and tastes different from apna Hyderabadi dum biryani.

To wash the meat down and make space for the rest, ask for buttermilk and you are sure to do full paisa vasool. The fest is on till January 31 for lunch and dinner.