Amour Bistro on Malcha Marg has a wide selection of dishes

Out of the many bistros in Delhi, the one which gives its customers a fun atmosphere of being outdoors while being in the comfort of all weather indoors is Amour Bistro. The major plus in its case is its location — being nestled in the heart of the diplomatic enclave at Malcha Marg gives the bistro a perfect feel with expats visiting the place quite often.

Keeping the clientele in mind, the menu is created really well having select dishes from the Mediterranean, European and Middle Eastern regions. I started with a classic French onion soup which was flavourful but a tad viscous. I would have preferred it if Chef Jiten would have blended the onions which would have given the classic a smooth texture.

A couple of salads followed the soup. The citrus cured salmon salad was flavourful and the watermelon gel at the bottom gave it a nice freshness. A bit more of salmon would have made it worth its price though.

Even as I was about to finish my bowl of salad, hot cheese soufflé was on its way. I had such a sinful aroma of cheese that I couldn’t resist myself from digging in to the pan. Trio of Emmental, Chevre and Gorgonzola cheese complemented each other really well. The charred mushrooms and lemon zartaar wingers failed to impress me though, the mushrooms were under-seasoned and had very suppressed flavours while the chicken wingers needed some more cooking. The dish which I liked a lot was from the chef’s signature menu for summers which was rosemary smoked duck breast and prune tortellini. Wonderful preparation where the Pimiento caper curry complemented the stuffing to perfection.

Pan roast halibut was also a dish at Amour Bistro which Chef Jiten did beautifully. Then, there was another dish that impressed me a lot — the marjoram roast spring chicken. It was bang on succulence and full on flavours.

Between the pastas and the risottos, I opted for the latter with a porcini and saffron variant. The risotto arrived on the table pretty quickly but it lacked the creaminess and flavour.

To get really stuffed, I opted for an Edam baked beef burger with grilled onions and Dijon mustard. But the kick of mustard was missing in it though the beef patty was super. Juicy and tasty, perfect for a meaty bite.

Belgian chocolate cake and banoffee pie helped me end the meal on a sweeter note.

Meal for two- Rs.1800 Plus taxes

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