Eating out Here’s another option for pizza lovers — Sam’s Pizza

The speciality of Sam’s Pizza is their unlimited offers, which is why we are advised to bring along an appetite. Following the instruction we wait till we are ravenous and then head to the pizzeria. Unfortunately a brawl with a drunken auto driver on the way messes with our appetite and usually upbeat demeanour. As a result we reach the restaurant, irritable. But once within the confines of the air-conditioned space we gradually begin to feel better. Maybe it’s the whiff of fresh garlic bread from the neighbouring table. Perhaps the bright interiors. The chirpy waiters. Or Backstreet Boys hits blaring out of the speakers. Or it could just be the menu with its various options and the pocket-friendly combo meals. There are salads, subs, pastas and soups but we settle for a portion of garlic bread with olives to begin with. It arrives quickly, even before we can go through the entire menu and wrap our heads around what combo to opt for. Incapable of making a decision we just go for what the waiter describes as the house speciality — an Enchanted pizza and a Popeye pizza. The garlic bread is hot and cheesy. The edges are crunchy, the middle soft and fluffy. If only they were a little more liberal with the olives.

While we wait for the food we do a quick survey of the place. There is a big counter in the centre with 26 varieties of salads. People peep in trying to make up their minds in between mouthfuls of fried chicken nuggets. This is probably their definition of a balanced diet. Mexican pasta salad, coleslaw, mixed beans, carrot and babycorn, crunchy capsicum… yes, they do look delightfully colourful but that still doesn’t make us choose them over the thin crust pizzas. Even my vegetarian friend who usually lives on salads turns her nose up at her staple diet. We go for the regular-sized pizzas, each just about right for one person.

The Enchanted pizza seems designed for a meat lover, showered with large chunks of herbed chicken and sausages. However, despite being slathered in cheese, the pizza is a tad tangy, slightly oily and we certainly aren’t enchanted by it. Popeye was never our favourite cartoon character but in the form of a pizza it definitely is. Tomatoes, onion and spinach on a bed of molten cheese taste better than it sounds. Spinach has never tasted this better before. Maybe because it’s lolling in a layer of gooey cheese.

The dessert options aren’t many so it’s easy for us to decide what we want. There is cheesecake, ice cream and Coke fizz that’s described as Monica Lewinskey’s American fantasy. But we opt for the brownie that’s heavily interjected with crisp walnuts and demurely drizzled with chocolate sauce. Slightly raw, it seems to have been pulled out of the oven before the timer went off. It doesn’t taste bad though, just a little too sweet. Not a bad idea especially after the bitter fight with the autowallah. An afternoon of chocolate, cheese and chartbusters from late the Nineties can never be a bad thing, can it? Sam’s Pizza is located at No.7, Jaganathan Road, Nungambakkam. Ph: 3370 3370


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