Fire, the Indian restaurant at The Park hotel, has come up with an interesting summer menu

The Park hotel in New Delhi has come up with a new summer menu for its Indian cuisine restaurant Fire. Chef Anurudh has designed the menu by fusing Indian food with world cuisine. So side by side with Lucknaw gilawati kabab you will find New Zealand lamb chops or Norwegian salmon marinated with Indian spices. It’s an extensive menu loaded with a variety of Fire signature delicacies.

I start with a platter of appetisers consisting of dill salmon tikka. It is dill marinated Norwegian salmon served on a banana leaf, char-cooked to perfection in a tandoor. Tandoori foie gras is yet another interesting dish which, the Chef says, is often tough to prepare as one needs to put an extra effort to present the dish in the form of a kabab. Lucknawi gilawati kababs here are really tender mutton kababs with pepper and mace; they just melt in the mouth. Serving it on an ulte tawa ka paratha just enhances its taste.

The New Zealand lamb chops, usually served with rosemary or mushroom sauce, take on a completely different taste. At Fire, it has got a lemon grass flavour, cooked on charcoal and served with achari potatoes and a yoghurt-walnut sauce. Another innovation of Chef Anurudh here is the goolar ke kabab, a specialty of Madhya Pradesh where wild figs and lentils are mixed with whole Indian spices to make some tasty kababs in the form of a ball. Bhune makai ka bhel, spinach corn tikka and gongura chicken wings are also worth trying.

The menu also has a kareli rogangosht served as a main course. The chef says it is a mutton delicacy from the royal kitchens of Kashmir. The rich red colour comes from Kashmiri chillies. It is best enjoyed with the soft tandoori roti.

Then there is murgh Lahori, a North West Frontier Province delicacy made of chicken cooked with whole spices and onions, quite tasty. To go with the dishes, the chef has a good six variations in rice dishes, including biryanis and pulaos. Don’t forget to try the Lucknawi gosht biryani cooked in dum.

In dessert, go for the roasted fig kulfi; it has a refreshing taste. Paan ki rasmalai too is a great option, with a mild aroma of paan. My full marks in dessert though go to the in-house specialty chocolate gulab jamun, hot khoya dumplings with gooey chocolate filling.

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