A meal remains incomplete without a salad. Here are some salad recipes

Crispy, crunchy, colourful and healthy - salads make the perfect starter

Grated salad


Potatoes, boiled- 8-10

Radish, grated- 1

Beet root, grated-1

Cucumber, grated-1

Carrots, grated-2

Green chillies, chopped-6

Tomatoes, chopped-2

Cabbage leaves, chopped-2

Salt to taste

Juice of 2 lemons

Method: Lay cabbage leaves in a tray. Take grated vegetables and squeeze the water. While serving put all the ingredients together. Add salt, lemon, tomatoes and green chillies. Place a tsp of mixture on each potato slice . Serve this salad on the cabbage leaves.

Beans and cream salad


Red cow peas (van payar)- quarter


Kabuli channa (van kadala)-

quarter cup

Cream- half cup

Coriander leaves, finely chopped

– quarter cup

Black pepper powder- half tsp


Vinegar- 1 tbsp

Salt- half tsp



Wash tomatoes, remove seeds and slice the thick pulp into small pieces. Chop cucumber. Mix vinegar, salt. Mix coriander leaves with cream leave it to cool. Mix all together with the boiled cow peas and kabuli chana and serve.

Fruit raita






Pineapple-5-6 pieces

Cherries- 8-10

Grapes- 4-5

Cardamoms powdered- 3-4

Black pepper powder- half tsp

Salt to taste

A pinch of rock salt powder

A pinch of sugar, powdered

Juice of any fruit- quarter cup

Cumin seeds, powdered- half tsp

Dried and powdered mint leaves

Dried and powdered tulsi leaves

Curd- 500 gm


Peel and chop all the fruits. Mix cardamom powder, pepper and salt to curd. Whip. Cool in a fridge. When serving, add the chilled juicy fruits to the curd. Sprinkle cumin seed powder, rock salt powder, pepper, mint, tulsi and serve.

Vegetable raita





Potato, boiled-1

Curry leaves- 6-7

Dried red chilli(whole)- 1-2

Green peas- 2 tbsp

cabbage, finely chopped- half cup

Oil – quarter tbsp

Mustard seeds- half tsp

Salt- 1 tsp

Cumin seeds dry roasted and ground- three-fourth tsp

Red chilli powder- half tsp

Curd- 500 gm


Mix salt with curd. Beat well and refrigerate. Skin and chop potatoes and onion and grate cucumber. Mix all the vegetables in curd. Add green chilli. Sprinkle cumin seed and dried chilli. Heat oil. sauté red chilli, mustard and curry leaves. Season the raita and serve.

Pomegranate raita


Curd- 2 cups

Milk, lukewarm- half cup

Salt- three-fourth tsp

Cumin seeds, dried roasted- half tsp

Red chilli powder- half tsp

a pinch of rock salt

a pinch of sugar , powdered

Pomegranate corns- one cup

Edible yellow colour- 2 drops

Paneer- 150 gm

Mint leaves- 5-6 leaves


Chop paneer in attractive pieces and dip them in lukewarm milk, mix yellow colour to it. Mix salt and sugar with curd and beat well. Dip the paneer pieces in the milk for an hour. Put the milk mixture and curd in refrigerator. While serving, remove paneer from the milk and curd. Add pomegranate, pepper, cardamom seeds and red chilli powder. Garnish with mint leaves.

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