Fresh mushroom phyllo rolls come with a blue cheese dip here. This Mediterranean appetizer can flag off a meal well. The list of ingredients is not intimidating and any kind of mushroom can go into it. Phyllo sheets are available in select markets and cheddar comes off the shelf.

Mushroom phyllo rolls


2 phyllo pastry

100 gms mushroom

20 gms cheddar cheese

5 gms chopped parsley

30 gms butter

10 gms garlic

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Chop and sauté mushroom with garlic and add the seasoning. Put off the flame and add cheddar cheese to it. Spread the phyllo sheet, sprinkle parsley and butter on top. Place the mushroom on it, put another phyllo sheet on top and roll it like a cigar. Deep fry or bake them.

Bakshish Dean, Director, Food Production at The Park, New Delhi, says he never planned to be a chef. But with over 18 years in the field and stints at the best hotels in the country, Dean says he was destined to be in the kitchen. Cooking, he says, is a pure science and he adopts a scientific approach towards it.

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