This dish has everything to woo a seafood enthusiast

Crisp fried calamari and prawns

There exist different versions of this dish but this is how Antonello Cancedda, the Italian chef at JW Marriott Chandigarh loves to serve it. It makes a perfect appetiser with a glass of your favourite scotch, beer or wine. The chef himself loves the crunch before biting into the soft calamari underneath. The biggest tip to make this recipe is to try and source the freshest available ingredients. More than half the battle is won in cooking a seafood dish when your ingredients are fresh.


Shrimps 400 gm

Calamari rings 300 gm

Semolina de cecco 200 kg

Flour 400 gm

Salt to taste

Milk 1 litre

Saffron aioli 300 gm

Spring roll sheet 100 gm

Lime Italian 250 gm

Oil refined 300 ml


Take the milk soaked shrimps and calamari in a strainer and drain out the milk.

Toss the shrimps and calamari in the semolina and flour mix and then toss on a strainer to remove extra coating.

Fry in hot oil till crisp, remove from frier on a kitchen paper.

Serve in spring roll sheet basket with saffron aioli and lime wedge.


Chef Antonello Cancedda has joined JW Marriott Chandigarh as the expat Italian Chef De Cuisine at JW Marriott Chandigarh and looks after the culinary operations of Oregano Restaurant & Bar, the latest addition to the hotel. He is known for his passion for Italian food and strongly believes in retaining authenticity in the face of contemporary fashions in cooking. A native of Sardinia, Italy, Antonello has worked in prestigious hotels and restaurants in Europe, Canada, Asia and the United States.

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