Try some of these unconventional recipes with plums

Grilled paneer with plum chutney


Paneer – 250 gm

Ginger garlic paste – 4 tsp

Salt – to taste

Corn flour – 4 tbsp

Mustard oil – 1 tbsp

Lemon juice – half tbsp

Red chilli flakes – 2 tbsp

Chopped coriander – 2 tbsp

Turmeric – quarter tsp

Crushed pepper – 1 tsp

Oil – to fry paneer

For plum chutney

Plums – 10 nos

Capsicum (green) – 1 medium

Onion – 1 medium

Coriander – few sprigs

Green chillies – 1

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Salt – to taste

Black pepper crushed – 1 tbsp


Cut paneer into 3-inch long fingers. Make a marinade with corn flour, ginger-garlic paste, lemon juice, chopped coriander, red chilli flakes, crushed pepper, mustard oil, turmeric, and salt. Fold paneer fingers into the marinade and keep it in the refrigerator for an hour. Heat a frying pan, add oil, and fry paneer fingers till brown on all sides. Remove from fire and keep aside.

Wash and remove the seeds of plums and puree it in a blender with lime juice and salt. Chop capsicum, onion and green chillies.

Add these to the plum puree and stir in chopped coriander and crushed pepper. Mix well and serve with grilled paneer.

Spicy Chicken and Plum Roast


Chicken boneless – 800 gm

Plums chopped – 2 cups

Fennel seed – 1 tbsp

Onion – 4 sliced

Chopped ginger – 1 tbsp

Garlic chopped – 1tbsp

Green chillies – 1 tbsp

Coriander chopped – 2 tbsp

Crushed pepper – 1 tbsp

Olive oil – 2 tbsp

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp

For the marinade

Yogurt – 1 cup

Green chillies – 3 chopped

Salt – 1 pinch

Ginger- garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Pepper crushed – 1 tbsp

Saffron – 1 pinch


Mix yogurt, green chillies, salt, ginger- garlic paste, pepper crushed and saffron to make the marinade. Clean and wash chicken and stir in the marinade and let it set for 1 hour.

Heat oil in a pan and fry marinated chicken until light brown. Heat olive oil in a tawa and add ginger, garlic, chillies, and chopped onion. Stir until it turns light brown. Add halved plums and stir again for 10 minutes over a low heat.

Stir in fennel seeds, chillie flakes and crushed pepper and stir another 6-8 minutes. Add chicken pieces and fold in.

Remove from fire. Sprinkle chopped coriander and serve.

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