Lamb mince: 150 gm

Chopped onion: 30 gm

Chopped green chilli:10 gm

Coriander, turmeric and chilli powder: Five gm each

Salt : To taste

Egg: One

Fresh dry bread crumbs: 80 gm

Rice flour : 30 gm

Saunf powder: 15 gm

Jeera powder: 10 gm

Curry leaf: Five gm

Garlic and ginger: 10 gm each


Mix all the above ingredients except bread crumbs and egg. Make even size dumpling and coat with egg and bread crumbs. Tie the dumplings with Kaerukatti (Banana leaf thread). Deep fry in oil in medium high flame till golden brown colour.

Chef Salai Selvaraj has been associated with The Gateway Hotel, Pasumalai, Madurai since March 2012. He did his BSC in Hotel management from SLCS College, Madurai. His style of cooking includes the usage of local spices and fresh herbs for marination and cooking the dish in mud pots over a slow burner fire.


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