Boiled and minced chicken and black fungus mushroom: 30 gm each

Glass noodles (steamed in warm water for five minutes): 100 gm

Ym sauce: 50 ml

Lime juice: Extracted from one lemon

Fish sauce and sugar: One Tsp each

Sliced onions and tomatoes: Two Tsp each

Celery leaves and spring onion greens: One Tsp each

For the dressing:

Coriander: 200 gm

Red chillies: One tsp

Garlic: 50 gm

Lime juice and fish sauce: Two Tsp

Sugar: To taste


Mix chicken mince, prawns and noodles in a bowl. Add yum sauce, lime juice , fish sauce and sugar. Add vegetables and mix well.

Garnish with celery and spring onions and serve.

For the dressing

Make a fine paste of coriander.

Blend red chillies and garlic together. Mix with lime juice, fish sauce and sugar and add to the noodles as per requirement.

Chef Ravi Kumar works as Commi I at Hotel Fortune Pandiyan, Madurai. A graduate in Hotel Management, he was earlier associated with Sabari group of hotels for two years.

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