(10 portions)

Banana: One kg

For crepe:

Dry flour: One kg

Eggs: 600 gm

Sugar and butter: 100 gm each

Milk: Two litres

Fresh orange juice: 100 ml

Salt: five gms

For Caramel sauce:

Sugar: One kg

Cream: 700 gm

Butter: 25 gm


Mix all ingredients for crepe in a large mixing bowl. Whisk ingredients to prepare batter for crepes. Ensure there are no lumps, strain and set batter aside. Heat a large non-stick pan. Pour crepe batter to make thin pancakes. In another pan, caramelize sugar- boil sugar with water till it turns brown.

Mix with butter and milk. Cut banana in round slices and mix with caramelized sugar-butter. Stuff into pancake and fold. Garnish with chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce. Can serve with vanilla ice-cream.


Quick fix: Penne arabiattaJanuary 18, 2013