Red Snapper: Whole fish

Prawns and squid: 25 gms

Sear fish: 25 gms

Onion and garlic: 10 gms

Celery: 5 gms

Butter or Olive Oil: 25 gms

Curry powder: one pinch

Lime Juice: one drop

Leeks: for garnish

Salt: to taste


Clean and debone the red snapper. Clean and finely chop squid, prawns and sear fish. Sauté in olive oil or butter along with onion, garlic, celery and curry powder. Add leeks, salt and lemon juice.

Stuff the red snapper with prepared contents. Steam or grill the fish. Serve hot.

Executive Chef T. Thirunavukarasu is currently with Hotel Grand Gardenia at Mannarpuram. An expert in vegetable carving, he has six years of culinary experience. Continental food is his forte while he is also a barbecue specialist.