White sandwich bread: Four slices

Egg: Two

Bread crumbs: 20 gm

Sesame seeds: Five gm

Refined flour (maida) and corn flakes: 10 gm each

Oil: For deep frying

Salt: To taste


Cut the sandwich bread into finger size and keep aside. Mix the maida flour with beaten egg and little water. Dip the bread stick into this paste and roll it in a mixture of sesame seeds, bread crumbs and corn flakes crunchy powder. And then deep fry each stick. Serve hot with honey butter sauce.

R.Thirupathi is the Sous Chef of Hotel Germanus, Madurai. Previously he has worked in Hotel Taj and Le Meridien in Chennai. And prior to that, he was with U.S and European Cruise Lines for six years. With 16 years of experience, Chef Thirupathi specializes in Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Outside the kitchen, he is a sportsman who loves to play cricket, carom and chess.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012