The ubiquitous spring roll acquires a small makeover here. The filling is a tad different, this time with seafood — mussles, squids, prawns et al. The real surprise though is the wrap. Instead of flour sheets that are rolled out, the chef here goes for a pancake of corn flour and flour.

Seafood spring roll


Mussels 100 gms

Prawns 100 gms

Squid 100 gms

Sear fish 50 gms

Salt to taste

Green chilli 25 gms

Ginger 10 gms

Onion 100 gms

Celery 100 gms

Capsicum 100 gms

Cabbage 100 gms

Carrot 100 gms

Soya sauce 10 ml

Tomato sauce 10 ml

Oil for frying

For pancake

Pepper to taste

Egg 1

Corn flour 100 gms

Refined flour 100 gms


Clean the mussle, squid, prawn and sear fish thoroughly. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped celery, ginger, green chilly, onions, capsicum, carrot, cabbage and saute. Add the seafood and sauté till the ingredients are cooked tender. Add the sauces. Remove the pan from the fire and settle it into a bowl.

To make the pancake

Mix flour and corn flour in the ratio of 1:1 and beat it into a fine batter. Add salt and pepper and the egg. Make the batter fine. Heat a pan and add a little oil. Pour batter onto the pan, cook and remove it from the fire. Place the seafood mixture on the pancake, roll and seal it with the egg and then deep fry it in oil. Remove from fire and serve hot with finger chips and tomato sauce.