Small onion: 100 gm

Garlic: 50 gm

Cinnamon stick: 10 gm

Lemon leaves: Five

Dry fish and peanut powder: One Tsp each

Red chilli: 25 gm

Sugar: Half Tsp

Salt: To taste

Chicken: Half kg (breast pieces)

Egg: One


Strip size the chicken and marinate it in well beaten egg for 10 minutes.

Fry all the above mentioned ingredients separately, except chicken and sugar.

Grind all the fried ingredients and apply the masala on the chicken.

Hook it to the shaslik stick and grill either on dosa tawa or electric griller.

Chef D.Venkata Ramana has been working at Hotel Germanus, Madurai, for past one year. He has total four years experience. When not in the kitchen, he loves playing cricket.

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