Chicken breast pieces: 750 gm

Mint and saunf powder: 50 gm each

Cashew nut and jeera powder: 200gm each

Methi and cardamom powder: Five gm each

Green chilli: Two

Curd: 200 ml

Chaat masala and chilli powder: One Tsp each

Black salt: One Tsp

Mustard oil: 100 ml


Prepare a batter with curd, chilli, saunf, chaat masala powder, black salt and mustard oil.

Make a stuffing with 300 gm of minced chicken and grind it with mint, cashew, jeera, methi, cardamom powder and chillies.

Cut the chicken breast pieces and stuff the ingredients.

Dip the pieces in the batter and bake them in tandoori oven.