Olive oil: 20 ml

Chopped garlic and bell peppers julienne: 15 gm each

Chopped onions: 10 gm

Salt: To taste

Crushed black pepper and parmesan cheese: Five gm

Mix herbs: One gm

Black olives: 30 gm

Boiled spaghetti pasta: 100 gm

Chicken breast: One

Bacon strips grilled: 10 gm

Chicken jue (brown sauce): Five ml


Boil the pasta with some olive oil and salt for about 10 minutes. Heat olive oil, add the chopped garlic, onion, bell pepper, grilled bacon strips and sauté it.

Next, add the boiled pasta, mix herb and check the Season.

In between also grill the chicken breast.

Heat olive oil, add black olive puree, honey, add seasoning and chicken jue to and cook till the concoction becomes thick like a sauce.

Once the chicken is cooked place it on the spaghetti and serve with olive compote.

Garnish with spring and grated parmesan cheese.

Chef N.Vigneshwaran works as Commi III at Hotel Heritage, Madurai. He has two years of culinary experience. After completing a year’s craft course in Hotel Management and Technology, he joined Hotel Carlton in Kodaikanal where he worked for a year. Other than trying out new recipes, he enjoys listening to music and reading books.