A green appetiser, this soup brings together the richness of palak and the punch of yellow gram. It is a healthy bowl where the green leafy vegetable and pulses are tempered by pepper, cumin and softened by milk and butter.

Herbal soup


Palak, paste - 250 gms

Boiled yellow dal (moong dal) - 2 tsp

Chopped garlic - 1 tsp

Shallots, chopped - 1 tsp

Coriander leaves, chopped - 1 tsp

White pepper powder - Half tsp

Cumin powder – Half tsp

Butter - 15 gms

Milk - 100 ml

Water - 100 ml

Salt - 1 pinch


Saute garlic and shallots in butter and add coriander leaves. Then add the palak paste and dal together. Cook it for five minutes with water and milk.

Finally, add pepper, cumin powder and salt. Serve hot.

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