Chicken breast (deboned): One

Bread crumbs: One cup

Eggs (well-beaten): Two

Butter and oil : One Tbsp each

Salt and pepper: To taste


Flatten the chicken breast. In a wide, shallow bowl, combine beaten eggs, salt and pepper with two tablespoons of water.

Place bread crumbs in another bowl or plastic bag.

Dip chicken in the egg mixture and roll in bread crumbs.

In a heavy-bottomed pan, add butter and oil.

Empty chicken into the pan and cook slowly till browned. Season with salt and pepper.

Dot with butter, cover and cook for on both sides for five minutes. Serve with mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

Anton Madhan is chef-cum-director of recently opened MrKurry multicuisine restaurant. He has 18 years of culinary experience in hotels in India and abroad, including a stint at a seven star hotel in Singapore. MrKurry has an eclectic menu featuring 25 types of parottas, a touch of Singaporean cuisine and barbecue