Just break the rules and start with desserts first at Verve

Who says that dessert should wait till after the main course? I say, ignore the rules the matron at finishing school taught you, ask for dessert first. Weeks after I visited Verve, a fairly new addition to the Royal Orchid in Yelahanka, their dessert “chocolate temptation” has become the peg around which dreams are spun around.

It was a long drive to Yelahanka and all the cribbing and cursing Bangalore traffic was erased with the smell of the expensive hotel lobby – a good omen. I entered Verve with its seating area strategically arranged on the patio to face the manicured lawns. We started with a welcome drink of “mint with lime”. The tall glass of dark green beverage demands courage, but the sweetened mint and tangy lemon – and hello Verve! Let the feasting begin.

The “tomato mozzarella terrine” arrived first, a loaf of vine ripe tomatoes accompanied by buffalo mozzarella salad on a bed of grilled asparagus. The plate was a picture of international perfection and the terrine has been crafted for international taste buds. Delicate flavours which might go unnoticed if you don't pay attention.

It is tragic for soup; people always take it for granted and have reduced it to being served in Styrofoam cups on trains. At Verve the “tomato and basil soup” – plum tomatoes and basil with chilly garlic croutons is thick, with the distinct zing of tomatoes and the refreshing spice.

Another suggestion is the “mushroom cappuccino”, which is the coming together of assorted mushrooms enriched with herbs and cinnamon cream. The soup has nothing to do with caffeine, and gets its name from the layer foam at the top.

The “kasundhi mahi tikka” is a must try for the non-vegetarians and the vegetarians can't miss the “paneer bhutte ki tikki”. “Kasundhi mahi tikka” which translates to boneless chunks of fish, marinated in divine and grilled in delicious.

The menu at Verve caters to world cuisine, and apart from your buffet regulars with “assorted Indian breads”, and “dal makhani” you have pasta to go European. The Oriental is not far behind with options of “thai chicken curry” and “schezwan chicken”.

Giving the worn out alfredo and arrabiata a break, “Fagotini pasta” is filled with mixed vegetables and soaked in a pepper and pistachio sauce. Vegetables never felt better, and experimenting never tasted so good.

My review has now come in a full circle with “chocolate temptation”. How does Verve make a walnut and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce seem so exotic? My spoon sank into the ice cream and cleaved into the gooey brownie and found glory.

Verve is located at The Royal Orchid, Allalasandra, Bellary Road, Yelahanka, near Jakkur Flying Club. For reservations call 28560668.

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