With a variety of more than 100 delicacies, the Dilli 6 festival at Edesia scores handsomely

Last two months one of the most popular food walks has been to the Walled City. I have noticed that food enthusiasts get together and ensure to be a part of the Old Delhi food walk once in their lifetime. To visit the age-old popular joints of Chandni Chowk and Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid area, is considered an achievement in a foodie’s life .But as there are so many joints to cover in a day it gets tough even to notch up the numbers.

An invitation to review Dilli 6 at Edesia, Crowne Plaza Today, Okhla came to me as a delight. Most of the famed ones were at one place and in a much hygienic way. The third edition of Dilli 6 festival at Edesia was much better than the previous years. Leave the food apart for a minute, the décor and interiors of the restaurant are done perfectly transforming the whole place into an Old Delhi setup having kites, pigeons and old movie posters all over. A boot polishwallah at the entrance and a paanwallah at the exit gave the entire traditional feel to the promotion.

Drinks menu had chhach and lassi to offer and that too in an earthen glass. Buffet had more than 100 delicacies of the Walled City on display and was quite a lavish one. I asked the gol gappewallah about his roots. And he immediately replied – from Chandni Chowk sir. Following this disclosure, the pani-puri tasted very good! Palak ki chaat, however was not as crispy as I have had at a roadside thela.

Non-vegetarian starters were all from the Matia Mahal street. Chicken fry, tandoori chicken and gurda kaleji on tawa. Both the starters were disappointing as they had been kept in dishes for a while making them dry. While the haleem another Old Delhi master dish was made to perfection. It was yummy and delicious. I sprinkled crispy fried onions on top and enjoyed it to the core. Pumpkin sabzi with poori was also delicious and worth a try. Keeping the expatriates in mind, the biryani was a shade bland.

The best was the dessert counter with Daulat ki chaat amongst the best ones in taste. I don’t know why but every time I have Daulat ki chaat I like it more. Before leaving I had a glass of hot milk with dry fruits in a kullad (clay cooked cup) and I was sorted. The festival ends on February 20.

Dinner buffet is priced at Rs.1800 plus taxes per person

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