At times you can do without a heavy main course meal. Rampur Kitchen provides one such opportunity with its promotion of pocket naan and chicken shawarma

The season for foodies is here. The weather has taken a turn. The bikers have got their jackets out. So how about giving heavy main courses a miss and instead try some rolls and street food of Delhi?

A good bet for the occasion is Rampur Kitchen in New Friends Colony market, which is running an apt promotion of their shawarma and pocket naans. They have come up with an interesting ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ campaign to attract more customers. That the scheme is a success was evident from the number of customers present in the restaurant.

Priced very competitively the rolls were moving quite well. I looked forward to my pocket naan as it is really a delicacy which Rampur Kitchen does really well. I doubt if it had any roots in the Rampuri cuisine but even if it is an innovation of its owner Umaid Khan, it is definitely worth a try. Tandoori naan layered with cheese and then stuffed with minced meat, with all the core ingredients of Rampuri cuisine was delicious. The good thing is that the minced stuffing is juicy too. My friends tried to carve it up with fork and knife, but the best way is to hold it in the hands and enjoy the sinful bite.

On the other hand their shawarma is also popular. Rolls are wrapped in roomali roti in a bid to make the dish as healthy as possible. But somehow I still prefer the shallow fried paranthas as the wrapping. Apart from the promotional shawarma and pocket naan, Rampur Kitchen has a very extensive yet select menu. Their kakori which just melts in the mouth is worth a try. The tikkas and sunhari macchi are also done really well. Chapli kabab, which most of the Awadhi and Mughlai restaurants have started offering nowadays, scores really high at Rampur Kitchen. The flavours are quite robust and the texture and thickness of the kabab is bang on. To end on a sweet note, phirni with a subtle aroma of kewra was quite refreshing.

‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Pocket Naan & Shawarma’ scheme is on at Rampur Kitchen till October 15. Non-veg/Veg pocket naan – Rs. 120/100

Chicken shawarma – Rs. 40

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