The vegetarian starters are a pleasant surprise at Metro Grill, Jaypee Hotel Siddharth

In a city as congested as Delhi, rooftops are always a big draw. And when it comes to a rooftop seating, five-stars win with their easily available terraces. By evening they convert them into an open terrace live grill session.

Having the same luxury of space Jaypee Hotel Siddharth, New Delhi, has come up with Metro Grill which serves some hardcore North Indian grills.

Though the weather of Delhi doesn’t support a rooftop rendezvous I still recently dropped by to Metro Grill after being invited.

As soon I got out of the elevator and entered the open terrace, the sight of the metro passing by like a lightning was a delight to watch.

It also gave a chance to the manager to explain why they have aptly named it Metro Grill. Apart from cosy and comfortable sofas, Metro Grill also has a spacious round table. It’s surrounded by specially designed mist fans. But with the humidity at its peak, I requested the staff to switch off the mist option and only let them work as fans.

Once I was seated the manager took me through the menu which was a cyclic one. I got tempted by reading the names of the dishes and requested the chef to start serving my grills.

As grills take time, I took recourse to a refreshing pina colada which was served cold but not blended as per my liking.

Eventually my platter arrived, sizzling in a griddle pan, and nice to look at as well.

Being a red meat lover, I tasted mutton seekh first. I can say that the seekh kabab was juicy, but if we are talking about flavours and texture, I need to maintain silence. Murgh tikkas were better. The better things came, surprisingly, with vegetarian starters. Veg galouti was good and went well with the mint chutney. Tandoori potato and pineapple was delicious and perfectly seasoned. Paneer tikkas had two variants and were quite decent.

My main course was yellow dal served with steamed rice, butter chicken and kadhai paneer. Butter chicken tasted fine with hot tandoori roti and helped me finish my dinner. As I always crave for desserts I asked chef to serve me the dessert of the day and he came with a pair of hot gulab jamuns dipped in sheera.

Price: Rs.750 for vegetarian package and Rs. 950 for non-vegetarian package, excluding taxes.

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