The new menu at Zune is a selection of the most popular dishes from food promotions over the year

Good news for foodies across West Delhi. Hilton Janakpuri, the beautiful five star, has come up with a new menu for its Indian specialty restaurant Zune. To avoid the traffic jams and reach Hilton avoid car or bike, take the Metro. It’s hardly a minute’s walk from Janakpuri West Metro station. That’s why people from South Delhi as well as Noida can visit the hotel easily. Being a regular at Zune, I got a warm welcome from the staff.

Once I was seated and served chilled water, Chef Irfan whom I call a magician for his cooking techniques and understanding of cuisine came with a copy of the new menu. Within five minutes he took me through the year long journey he had undertaken to incorporate new delicacies. I found the spread quite democratic as it was a combination of delicacies people liked the most from the year long food promotions at Zune.

From the soups I opted for Gosht and Bhuna Lahsun shorba, which turned out to be a delicious decision. The flavour imparted by the thinly sliced roasted lahsun (garlic) to the nalli stalk reduction was just unforgettable.

The starters were quite exceptional as well. Chatpati Dal Wadi ki Tokri was a perfect finger starter. I ate it — along with the Laccha Tokri in which it was placed. The tandoori chicken, a Punjabi preparation, was tender and well seasoned, with a lovely char grilled aroma.

Dunghar kababs with hand crushed masalas in dhaba style were full of flavours. The tawa fish had a nice seafood aroma and went well with the mint chutney. The main course was a delight too. I tasted one of my favourites at Zune — the dhaba meat curry which is Chef Irfan’s specialty. Nicely cooked lamb shanks with a smooth textured gravy. The choosa curry was also worth a try.

The only letdown was the biryani. Breads such as the spicy bullet naan were exciting to taste.

But the chef kept the best for last: his innovation, Palak ka Halwa. Soothing to look at, it retains the light green colour of palak which I am sure is an art to achieve while cooking. Blended in kalakand the halwa was a divine note to end on.

Meal for two: Rs.4000

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