Carrot: 200 gms

Chopped Pineapple: 50 gms

Ghee: 30 gms

Sugar: 150 gms

Cashew nuts:10 gms

Sultans: Three gms

Green cardamom powder: One gm

Milk: 200 ml


Cook the chopped pineapple in with sugar syrup.

Strain it and keep it aside.

Wash, Peel and grate the carrots and sauté till the moisture evaporates.

Once the moisture goes out, add boiled milk and cook till it gets skimmed or condensed.

Next, add sugar and sauté it well.

Finally add the green cardamom powder and fried cashew nuts and sultans to it. Garnish with some nuts and caramelized sugar and caramelized pineapple.


It’s raining pineapples in MasulaJune 25, 2014

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