Portions- 4


Prawns 8-12 count- 2nos

Paprika powder-2 gm

Lemon - 1

Red pimento -1


Fresh red chillies 4

Pineapple ring - 2 slice

Tempura flour- 30 gm

Spring onion -8-10 sprigs

Coriander leaves -20 gm

Pinenuts -5 gm

Olive oil - 60 ml

Parmesan cheese - 10 gm

Garlic 15 gm

Salt to taste

Balsamic glaze - 15 ml

Basmathi rice - 100 gm


Marinate the prawns with garlic, paprika and olive oil and keep.

Make the red Mexican rice by tossing the boiled basmathi rice with crushed fresh red chillies (seedless) and add the seasonings.

Stuff the rice in the pepper and the bake in a preheated oven at 220 deg for 10 minutes. Make a tempura batter and fry the pineapple rings crispy. Make the coriander pesto (coriander, pinenuts and olive oil) and keep. Grill the prawns and keep.

Place the pepper in the plate and the grilled prawns. Glaze the pineapple with balsamic and place it along with the prawns and the peppers. Serve garnished with chives and coriander pesto.

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