Shredded chicken joins bell peppers to rev up your party this weekend

A quick chicken recipe whipped up in no time.

Shredded chicken with an array of colourful bell peppers go well with any kind of fried rice.

Chicken shreds are wrapped in corn flour and then sautéed with a clutch of sauces and bell peppers.

If the sauces give it the flavour, the peppers lend the dish its colour.

Shredded chicken with bell pepper


200 gms chicken, shredded

60 gms capsicum red, green and yellow

4 gms chicken broth powder

1 gms white pepper

3 ml rice wine

2 ml red Tabasco sauce

2 ml light soya sauce

20 gms garlic

30 gms onion, chopped fine

Some green chillies for taste


Coat the chicken in corn flour and deep fry them in the wok. Then take a wok and pour two teaspoons of oil.

Add to it the chopped garlic, the onion and the chillies and sauté them till they turn light brown.

Put in the chicken broth powder, red Tabasco sauce and rice wine along with light soya sauce.

Mix in the capsicum and sauté it for a while and add in the deep-fried chicken and toast with the sauce.

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