Harem Opiate in Sunder Nagar offers pan-Asian food inside, and easy parking outside

Whenever I think of eating out in Delhi the first thought which comes to my mind is – ‘where can I park my car? Do I have to walk half a kilometre to reach the restaurant from the parking?’

Fortunately, one doesn’t need to nurture these dark thoughts when visiting Sunder Nagar Market. It is conveniently located and gives me the chance to park my vehicle just next to the restaurant. This market place lacked a good fine dining restaurant cum lounge till harem Opiate opened recently. It offers a nice pan Asian dining experience, by housing Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines.

Harem Opiate has got a nice terrace but since I love the the aromatic scents and sizzle of fresh ingredients cooked in front of my eyes I chose to sit near the live teppanyaki and yakitori stations.

The menu is extensive, but has little room for Chinese delicacies. It’s mostly dominated my Thai and Malay offerings. And when I have to choose a soup at a Thai restaurant I always go for one of my favourites — the tom yum soup. I love the aroma of lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves which make this soup so refreshing. And when it comes to salads, I always go for a portion of Thai som tam — a nice preparation of raw papaya with sweet and tangy flavours.

But the USP of Harem Opiate is its yakitori and sushi delicacies. I am fond of skewers and ordered most of the variants from the yakitori section. First to arrive on my table were the tebasaki chicken wings which were perfectly glazed but had a little too much of soya sauce. Lamb satays were tender and dipped in peanut sauce. Fish variants such as tuna and salmon were delicious and worth a try.

Being a prawn lover I asked chef to prepare some good tempura prawns and make them crispy and he served them exactly as asked. Out of the dumplings I tasted, the shredded lamb bao was mouth watering — perfect dough filled with well seasoned shredded lamb. In my mains I ordered a clay pot chicken along with some steamed rice. Hainese diced tofu with celery also went well with it.

Desserts at Harem Opiate were quite tempting. I went for the grilled banana with chocolate sauce but in the end I loved the iced kachang which brought back my childhood memories of ice dipped in sugar syrup and jellies.

Meal for two: Rs. 2000

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