Lavonne might just be your destination if your are looking for that perfect baked treat

It’s a sunny afternoon. And Lavonne offers two cosy corners in its garden where you can bask in the afternoon sun while you bite into the creamiest chocolate cheese cake. Whether you are looking for pastries, cakes, rolls or breads, Lavonne offers you all this and more.

As you walk through the place you see their staff busy baking breads and cakes and rolls for the evening. But the dessert counter is brimming with macaroons, chocolate cheese cake, and pretty lemon tarts, waiting to be savoured!

Lavonne was launched in the city in 2012 by chefs Vinesh Johny, Lijo Eapen and Avin Thaliath. It also provides baking classes for professionals and lay people.

“The idea behind the place is to offer you breads of international standard and to add in a slight twist to the dessert. We avoid making the black forest cake as it is done to death. So we try to offer pastries that are different in taste by blending in unusual ingredients,” explains Vinesh.

Some of the signature desserts he recommends are the green apple cake, with an almond sponge for its base, which is topped with crème brûlée, which is then covered with apple mousse and apple jelly! Those of you who are calorie conscious can stop here.

Vinesh has innovated the black forest cheesecake, which has the Oreo biscuit as a base, with baked cheesecake, topped with a gooey cherry filling and rich chocolate marquise. This one sure is a winner and is worth the trip to Domlur to take home a large quantity.

There are also macaroons that grab your attention with their bright colours. Then there is a section that offers you a range of breads — white bread and brown (Rs. 90 for a 900 gm. loaf), multigrain bread (Rs. 120 for a 900 gm. loaf), ciabatta (Rs. 100), croissant (Rs. 60), and chocolate croissant (Rs. 180).

The cake section offers you fruit cake, tea cake, banana bread, lemon and cranberry cake, and the marble cake that you can choose from. Besides desserts, Lavonne also offers you a range of savouries — sausage rolls, roasted pepper quiche, mushroom pie etc., which go well with the coffee that the pastry shop offers.

If you are looking for a celebration then Lavonne also offers you a range of celebration cakes that start at Rs. 650. They come in the names of dual chocolate moist cake, black forest gateaux, blueberry gateaux, or the banana caramel cake, to name a few.

Those who love to bite into chilled desserts Lavonne does not disappoint. These chilled treats with ingredients like chilled cheesecake with blueberry, raspberry, fresh fruit or chocolate start at Rs. 800 a kilo.

Lavonne also offers baking moulds and ingredients. It’s a one-stop shop for foodies and those with a passion to bake.

Lavonne is at No: 151, 2 Cross, Domlur 2 Stage and can be contacted on 9740544442/3.